Our Mission

  • Technical support to promote Local Entrepreneurs to convert Resources to Products
  • Establish Small Scale Industries & Online Servicing Agencies to generate Employment
  • Explore Market for Village Products and Services through Networking and E Commerce
  • Generate Employment in Villages to Stop Migration and Bring migrates Back to Village
  • Build Unity to Help each other & Work Together for Continual and sustainable Growth
  • Provide system for Proper Drainage and Sanitary to improve Environment and make Villages would be Right place to Live Healthy and Peacefully
  • Create Prosperity and Business Opportunities in Villages to Attract Investors
  • Develop Nurseries and Beautiful Gardens to attract Tourist to Stay in their Vacations and Expedite Green Venues for Corporate Outbound Training 
  • Government support for Education, Health, to set up Insurance and Financial Institutions
  • Assist in Scientific Methodologies for Agriculture & Non Conventional Energy Usage
  • Conduct Youth Forums to Build Teams for Unity and Citizenship
  • Build Emergency Protection Force in each Village to face any Disasters / Mishaps
  • Coaching classes for Competitive Exams and Mind Games to enhance Capabilities
  • Establish Sports Center to uplift talents from Villages and other curriculum activities.

Identify Most ignore Villages and Establish Techno village Local Center

Survey Villages to Identify Resources available Abundantly in & around each Village


Awareness on Government Schemes & NGO’s supporting for Rural Development and establish a system to reach these benefits to Right People at Right Time.


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